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First-time Outsourcing Gains Momentum


Gains Momentum

Blog Post

Findings from Keypoint Intelligence — InfoTrends


Jamey Gentry, Director
Marketing Communications

Data from InfoTrends, a division of Keypoint Intelligence, indicates first-time outsourcing is gaining momentum and the balance of in-house production is shifting to print communications service providers. Today more than half of all transactional print volume in North America is outsourced, and that figure is expected to reach 70 percent by 2021.

What are enterprise organizations looking for? They want a vendor with the ability to quickly adapt customer communications to satisfy evolving business strategies, regulatory requirements and marketing goals. It’s critical to execute a seamless, omnichannel approach that provides a single, unified customer experience across all channels, from digital and commercial print to web and email.

Key requirement
Communications service providers must offer access to more affordable advanced systems and platforms that enterprise clients cannot achieve independently. Assistance may also be needed to help businesses break down operational silos between channel and segment messaging in order to gain a single view of the customer. Only when that is possible can organizations develop and deploy a cohesive communications strategy.

The top five factors driving enterprises to outsource marketing campaign activities are:

  • Cost advantages
  • Speed/responsiveness
  • Better campaign management capabilities
  • Access to expertise/specialized skill set/tools
  • Ability to bundle with other services/data

The top five criteria for selecting an external service provider for marketing activities are:

  • Best quality/reliability
  • Highly creative/innovative
  • Best prices
  • Strong technical capabilities
  • Excellent client service/responsiveness

InfoTrends is a leading provider of market research and strategic consulting for the digital imaging and document solutions industry. In November 2018, InfoTrends released a white paper titled: Taylor Communications SCS: A CCM Partner for Today and Tomorrow. Read it here.


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