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What to Look
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Managed Services

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Jamey Gentry, Director
Marketing Communications

Jenna Worrell 2019

Jenna Worrell
Director of Marketing


Kevin Harlow, Product Leader
Data & Analytics

Mike Giachetti

Mike Giachetti, Vice President
Promotional Marketing

Arundi Venkayya

Arundi Venkayya, 
Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Jenna Headshot

Jenna Worrell, Marketing Manager
Product and Vertical Marketing

Daffner_David 11-19-18

David Daffner, Vice President
Managed Services


Renee S. Belina, Director
Solutions Marketing


Sean Cushing, Director
Product and Vertical Marketing


Mark Keeton, Vice President
Solution Management


Peter Eberly, Director
Product and Vertical Marketing

As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, many companies struggle to gain control over supply chain management, leading to inefficient processes and spiraling costs. Typically, these companies aren’t able to fully leverage technology across their organization for maximum benefit. Finding the right managed services provider (MSP) might help not only diagnose the problem, but also implement a solution that generates significant, predictable outcomes.

Four key requirements for an MSP

  1. Single Source Access
    Look for a provider who can offer a vast solution set and a broad network of resources. You want convenient access to the right mix of people, processes and technology — one that delivers optimal efficiencies. Their account services team should become an extension of your organization.
  2. Seasoned Manufacturer
    Seek a partner that has control over quality, pricing and distribution. The company should be able to choose a location that meets your specific program needs, taking into consideration product scope, geography, capacity, deadline, etc. They work for you after all, not the other way around.
  1. Marketing and Industry Expertise
    Print and digital execution is only one part of the communications supply chain. Your MSP should have expertise in marketing, data and analytics and branding, as well as your industry. They should help you improve customer experience, drive efficiencies and grow revenue.
  1. Proven Process
    When considering MSPs, ask to see a documented process that assesses your current situation, identifying gaps and opportunities. It should include a formal recommendation tailored to your company, outlining a managed services go-forward strategy. 

Following these requirements will lead you to a strong managed services provider that can significantly reduce the noise and distraction of getting products and communications to the marketplace. To learn more, follow the link below.

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